Agenda January 2024 PC Meeting

Agendas Uploaded on February 9, 2024

January 22nd 2024 AGENDA 


  •   Welcome by Chairman and apologies for absence.


  •   Declarations of interest of Councillors for items on the agenda.


  • To approve minutes of the meetings of 27th November; Chairman to sign.


  • Matters arising from minutes that are not covered in the agenda.


  • To receive County and District Councillors reports


  • Planning

6.1  None outstanding.

6.2  To receive updates on applications awaiting decision of planning authority – L.F.


  • Parish Infrastructure

7.1 To receive an update on the flower trough installation at Elm Grove – JC

7.2.To approve expenditure on repairs to the war memorial – PD

7.3 To receive an update on the Churchyard trees.

7.4To award the Maintenance Contract and decide on additional work.

7.5 To agree a new website provider.

7.6 To confirm that the ongoing purchase of defibrillator consumables is authorized.


8.0  Church FP

8.1 To agree the FP specification and contract.

8.2 To receive a report on the Community fund raising campaign – LF & JC

8.3 To agree to ask GCC for written confirmation of their contribution.

8.4 To agree the Working Group recommendation that any financial shortfall after the GCC and fundraising contributions should be split 50/50 between the PC & PCC.

8.5 To agree the WG recommendation that the PCC should cut back the Yew Tree to facilitate the works.

8.6 To receive an update on the Faculty application.


9.0  To receive Clerks report & correspondence

9.1  Correspondence


10.0  Finance

10.1 Month end balance at bank: Current A/c                £10682.85                         (£11951.40)                                                                                                               Deposit A/c                £15147.12                         (£15113.19)

10.2 Payments for approval

Payee                                                                         £

Clerk salary December                                                         404.66

Village Hall inv.11388                                                           16.00

M.Grover Xmas lights                                                           200.00

Broxap Planter                                                                        915.60


11.0 To receive Parish Councillors reports on matters not on the agenda


12.0  Any other business & items for the next agenda

Next meeting: Monday  Mar 25th ,Tuesday May 28th.